Hello to all of our Enchanted Acres Home Owners,

Thank you for another year of keeping our entrance looking awesome!

If you are new to our neighborhood, EABG welcomes you! This organization was started by Wes Hubbard in 2001 due to Enchanted Acres not having a Homeowners association. This was the least expensive way we could come up for everyone to be able to chip-in and make our entrance appealing to come home to.

All of your donations go towards the mowing, edging, weed prevention and electric for the sprinkler system. Wes negotiated with the city over 12 years ago for us to have free water for our entrance. The City of Mansfield provides EABG with free water as long as the entrance is taken care of professionally. We wish to carry-on this agreement as it is mutually beneficial for our residents and the city.